Tutoring Steps

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Please click on the tabs for a step by step assistance. 

Avoid using the header search or sidebar search for forum-related content. Always use to search button shown in the picture. Always do this first! We always want things fast and you may wait for a while for something to answer your question. This step will help you see if you can find the answer instantly!

No luck finding the answer from the searching step? Now you can ask the question in the Tutoring section. Make sure you ask it in the correct category! If it is writing help, ask the question in English. If it is math-related, ask the question in Math and so on. 

Once a club member gave the best answer, make sure to mark it as the correct answer! This will help future club members asking the same thing when they do Step 1. This is one of the best ways to tell the person thank you! We use this measure to see if a club member can become a recognized tutor! 

Disclaimer: This is a community forum that is powered and thrives on everyone in the community! Although we do have tutors who are recognized, every club member who has an account and the knowledge can help you with your question. Tutors are volunteers of the community. They are not getting paid so please always thank them and give your full respect to them giving back to the community! Tutors and people helping you are human and are not perfect and can make mistakes. We will do our best to help guide you to answers! 

This Disclaimer  serves the purpose of acknowledging we are community driven and a reminder to thank our members for serving each other!